What we offer
For a long time companies understand the power of incentive programs to motivate, contribute and enhance their objectives. From the most intimate event to the most extravagant, from 20, 200 or 2000 people, we are prepared for any challenge. We have vast hotel options, from the most elegant to the most popular, from the most classical to the most modern, matching theme events, unforgettable dinners, group activities, in order to produce a winner event. With our capabilities to create and our desire to understand intended objectives, Abreu Tours will create a state of the art for you and your company that will exceed any other. The crucial point here is to put your ideas into action, giving your team a positive idea of the type of work accomplished in your company.
We organize group trips, based on the diversity of the group such as: leisure, sports, students etc. With creative itineraries, elaborated by experienced professionals in this field, allying quality to price. We are always trying to meet the client’s necessities, making their trip to the US memorable.
Our direct contact with hotels and suppliers guarantee that, when your client travels to the US or Canada, they will receive the finest holiday deal. Everything we do is carefully thought out, designed and operated for your client. In Orlando, we have a privilege relationship with various theme parks, being the “Selected Tour Operator” for Disney World, giving our Clients a unique access to conditions and exclusive promotions.